Test Post

This post is a test post and here I will delineate the work that still needs to be done to the site.

The Learning Section needs an entry in Other Learning. It might be good for me to brainstorm the most important things that aren’t covered by Planets, Signs, Houses, and Aspects, that need to go in here.

Also in the Learning Section I need to re-edit the Planets and take all the negative stuff out. Not sure I need to edit Signs, Houses, or Aspects but it needs to be gone over. I have to watch out for plagiarism.

In About — Suggested reading, I need to add books.
In About — About the Astrologer, I have to decide whether to eliminate this section. If not, I need to take all the books out of here so there might not be that much content left, unless I talk about my life.

In Testimonials, I need to get a couple of testimonials.

In Contact, I am not sure I want to be contacted (at least right now) so may take Content out. If I do want to be contacted, I may need to give it the personal touch. (“Send me a message! I will reply!”) However, replying to every query might be time-consuming and problematic that way, even though I like to serve and share.

We know about the Articles<–>Blog issue.

Shop (which might be renamed Store) can be done at the very end.

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