About The Astrologer

I’ve been studying Astrology since 1997, when the Secret Language of Relationships came out.  I marveled at that book, discovering that I was a Sagittarius II (December 10).

David Muir
Born: Dec 10, 1969  4:42AM
New York, NY
Current city: Denver, CO
Birth/Relocated Ascendant:  Scorpio/Libra
Birth/Relocated Midheaven: Leo/Cancer
Sun Sign/House:  18* Sagittarius/2nd/2nd
Moon Sign/House:  2* Capricorn/2nd/3rd
Mercury Sign/House:  1* Capricorn/2nd/3rd
Venus Sign/House:  7* Sagittarius/1st/2nd
Mars Sign/House: 26* Aquarius/3rd/4th
Jupiter Sign/House: 29* Libra/12th/1st
Saturn Sign/House:  2* Taurus/6th/7th
Uranus Sign/House:  8* Libra/11th/12th
Neptune Sign/House:  29* Scorpio/1st/2nd
Pluto Sign/House:  27* Virgo/10th/11th
Chiron:  Aries/5th/6th
North Node: 16* Pisces/4th/5th

B.A.  Liberal Studies (summa cum laude), Carlow University 2011
Radio/Music DJ, KGNU-FM 2017-present;
WPTS-FM 2005-2015
KZSU-FM, during trips in 2004, 2005 (2), 2006, 2007, and 2008
WRCT-FM 1989-1992
KGNU-FM 2017-present
Customer Service Specialist, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 2012-2015